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 South African/British Author Valerie Naidoo has just launched her book on
Women Leadership



valerie naidoo

South African/British Author Valerie Naidoo has launched her book on Women Leadership

The book which is titled “From the Ballroom to the Boardroom” covers over 60 diverse multigenerational women who have come together to share their experiences and stories by boldly exploring gender gaps, social barriers, entrepreneurship, racism by passport, leadership, women rewriting the rules, and much more. “From the Ballroom to the Boardroom” is a tool used to empower women by exploding the myths ingrained by society and also addresses ways in which men and women can take steps to work together to effect positive change both within society and the work environment.

Here are some sneak previews......................



Preview One:

An Instrument of Change: Interview with Hazami Barmada

“The award-winning strategy and communications consultant and social entrepreneur who has had the privilege of sharing a platform with global leaders and inspiring people worldwide.”

What does empowerment of women mean to you?

Hazami Barmada: Empowerment means a lot of different things to different people. To me, empowerment is about self-worth and agency. It must come from within a person. We must work towards creating environments that enable the empowerment of women, but empowerment itself is when a woman has agency to define and create her own vision and success – whatever that means to her. We must be careful that in our attempt to ‘empower’ women, we don’t confine them to our narrow definitions of empowerment.....

Preview Two:

A Girl, her Wardrobe and her Career

I went to Australia for my sister’s wedding; upon my return to London I was inspired to start training as an image consultant with ABC Image Consulting. The magical journey had commenced; I wanted to do more than just colour and appearance. I did different courses such as impact interview and business etiquette, etc. and I wanted to turn these into corporate workshops. I spotted a gap in the market and I decided to offer image consulting services that incorporated colour analysis, wardrobe styling, body language and presentation skills, etc.

Preview Three:

Success in my Stilettos

I believe that women, as well as men, in the workplace are the catalyst for change in the future. On a global scale, no country has fully reached gender equality; women are fighting for their worth while demonstrating their value. Women need to continue to be fighters and champions to keep women in business and...........

Preview Four:

The Last Single Girl

Women are dictating the pace of dating and with many prioritising their careers over personal/social commitments – the white fairy tale wedding is becoming more of an illusion. Having said this; carving out a high profile career and owning the lifestyle versus finding the one and racing against the fertility clock looms largely in the background for many – I am not alone in this.........

About the Author

Valerie Naidoo is a British/South African whose experience as an expat comes after spending time in the United Kingdom (in London), India and in the UAE. Today she lives in the Gauteng Province of South Africa. Valerie’s professional background includes Human Capital and Social integration and she also practices as a career coach. Valerie also functions on the executive board at Non Profit organization- CHF where she has used her influence to form strong affiliations within the African Diaspora and has also initiated the Foreign Ambassadorship Program.

We would like to wish her the very best of luck!


From the Ballroom to the Boardroom is now on available on Amazon in paperback. The book appeals to both men and women. Thank you for the ongoing support from my Launch team, publishers, editors, family and friends. A percentage from the proceeds of the book will be going to the following organizations:

The Sunflower foundation (Australia) Inc

Centurion Hope Foundation (CHF)

POSITIVE RUNWAY: Global catwalk to stop the spread

The international community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS Chile (ICW Chile)

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