1. Why an online bakery?

    In Gauteng, we experience the fast pace culture on a daily basis, with more people looking for free time.  Our convenient online bakery and delivery within 24hours, more people will have time in their hands.       

    2. Why is this online bakery number one in Gauteng?

    Our online bakery will deliver within 24hours of purchase anywhere in Gauteng. And with over 300 products listed on the online bakery, who wouldn’t want to satisfy their craving?

    3. How does our online bakery guarantee freshness?

    Our suppliers ensure that all products are baked every morning, so you can enjoy its freshness every time.  So when you purchase through our online bakery, you are guaranteed freshness.     

    4. When will Empire Rand’s online bakery be up and running?

    Empire Rand aims to have the online bakery up and running within the next 2 months.

    5. What will be the turnaround time for delivery after my purchase?

    Empire Rand aims to have every purchase made on the online bakery to be delivered within 24 hours.

    6. Will Empire Rand arrange delivery throughout South Africa?

        Our Online Bakery will only operate within Gauteng province.

    7. What payment system will facilitate my purchases?

    All purchases made through our online bakery will be processed via Paypal or Payfast.

    8. What is the minimum amount a customer can purchase for?

    A costumer can purchase for any amount via our online bakery, we however recommend a minimum purchase of R100.00 to suit the delivery costs incurred.

    9. What will be the delivery costs charged per delivery?

    There will be a standard delivery cost for every purchase made via the online bakery. Please note that unlike other delivery companies Empire Rand delivers baked food and platters. Empire Rand has well trained drivers who handles all products and deliveries with extreme care at all times.     











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